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Friday, November 26, 2010

Tutorial How To Ripping 300MB MKV files from DVD

Tutorial How To Ripping 300MB MKV files from DVD
Tutorial How To Ripping 300MB MKV files from DVD
This guide is splitted into following parts:

1.) Setting up Encoder.
2.) Encoding.
3.) Editing of Output file

1.) Setting up Encoder

You Must Have Following 5 Files First

(a) Megui.

(b) Avisynth.
(c) Profiles.
(d) Nero AAC Codec.
(e) Mkvtoolnix

After downloading the above files follow these steps:

1. Install Megui, Avisynth and Mkvtoolnix.
2. Copy all 3 Nero AAC files to the Megui directory
By Default - "C:\Program Files\megui"
3. Run Megui and update it.
4. Close Megui.
5. Copy the "allprofiles" folder and paste it in Megui directory
By Default - "C:\Program Files\megui". Replace the allprofiles folder with new one.
6. Now run Megui and we are ready to encode some movies.
2.) Encoding

1. Run Megui and click file-->open and browse to the source video file.
2. Wait few seconds and then avisynth will open with video previewer (see images below).
3. Enter the desired output resolution (must be mod 16)*
*mod 16 resolution - Both height and width pixels must be completely divisible be 16. Example - Here 720x352 resolution is used and 720/16 gives remainder as 0 and also 352/16 gives rem. 0 so that means it's a mod 16 resolution.
4. You can crop screen if u see black borders (in our case we don't need it).
5. Click Save and you will be returned back to megui.
6. In video section select one video profile. For best result use "x264: HQ-Slow" or "x264: Unresteicted 2pass HQ".
7. Select file format as MKV.
8. In audio section select audio profile"Nero AAC: NDAAC-HE-64kbs".
9. Click config and check the "adaptive bitrate" and set it to @35kbps. You can also use 40kbps but 35kbps works fine for me.
10. Click "Auto Encode" and a new window will apppear.
11. Select conatiner as "MKV" and enter "average bitrate" as per the desired output file size (Remember 30minutes = 100mb). When done click "Queue".
12. Now click "Queue" tab at top of the encoder and click start
13. Now comes the most difficult part which is to wait. Encoding process has now begun so be patient. Time taken in encoding depends on many factors such as your pc's config., source's resolution, output file's resolution, o/p file size etc. On my pc a normal dvdrip takes an average time of 4-5 hours.


In this section I will tell you how to:

(a) Add or remove subtitles.
(b) Making samples/splitting a file.
(c) Join files.
(d) How to sync. an mkv file.

but before that run mkvmerge.

(a) Add or remove subtitles.

1. Click "add" button to add a video file.
2. Now simply drag the subtitle file to the "tracks" box in mkvmerge or click the add button to add sutitle file.
3. Select output folder.
4. Click "start muxing".


1. Add your file.
2. Uncheck the subtitle file from the "tracks" box.
3. Select output folder.
4. Click "start muxing".

(b) Making samples/splitting a file
1.       Add the file that you want to split.
2. Now click "Global" tab at the top of the mkvmerge.
3. Tick the "enable splitting" option and choose the way* you want to split it.
*Take the cursor above each box for more info about it.

(c) Join files

Now if you want to join two or more splitted files into a single file then add the first part of file and then click "append" to add 2nd part and so on you can append a no. of files. Select o/p folder and click "start muxung".

(d) How to sync. an mkv file.

One common problem that arises after encoding a movie is that sometimes we gets file at output which is a bit out of sync. So, we can make it in sync using mkvmerge.
2.       Suppose that in our movie the sound is lagging beind video with duration 300ms. Then,
1. Add your file.
2. In "track" box click on video file and then "Format specific options". In "Delay (in ms)" enter 150.
3. Now in "track" box click on audio file and then "Format specific options". In "Delay (in ms)" enter -150.
4. Select o/p folder and click"start muxing"

Similarly, if video is lagging behind audio then in that case we would use -ve value for video file and +ve value for audio file.

This is how process goes:
Note: This guide has been tested for as per use on windows xp 32 bit and works. You may face some problems if you are using some other operating system. PLZ give your feedbacks about this tutorial and if you note some mistake then plz reply with it here.

Edit 1: If you have codec issues, remove any codecs you have installed and use the k-lite codec pack.

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